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"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official." -- Theodore Roosevelt. What has happened to the land of the free and home of the brave?
We cannot take governments word for any event! Unless there is untouched photos or video we can no longer trust the governments version/statements of any event, and you can go back decades to find evidences of this. "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover - JFK, RFK, Waco, Iraq, Afghanistan.

   Romney, a traitor GOP impostor! Lost an easy election to defeat Obama, was absent for month leading up to election. Go back in the hole you came out of! We don't need you around anymore! Trump will make a better president than you could ever have been.

    Obama and Hillary Clinton are working with anti-American islamist to attack free speech. They sponsored a UN human rights resolution #16-18 - a blatantly unconstitutional provision.

     Canada has a new young socialists president that does not support the USA, and has pulled all support for our war in the middle east. Mexico is the same in not supporting the USA. We cannot count them as friends any more.

   To the charge, "Trump is destroying the GOP party" - I burst out laughing. The GOP elite are already doing a great job of that themselves!

   "...happy is that people, whose God is the Lord." - Psalms 144:15 Nothing divide's peoples as much as differences in speech and writing. A nation is defined by blood, culture and language - a sense of belonging and purpose that binds society. America is NOT a nation of immigrants. We were originally a nation of settlers who later chose to admit immigrants and we can close or open our doors at our choosing. And immigration today is NOT good for the economy, it undercuts American values, costs American jobs and  reduces Americans standard of living.

"Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." - Christ Jesus. Mathew 12:25. Is this where we are now? Surely headed that way! I have never seen America like this.

   Better say NO to muslim immigration. The slaughter in California and elsewhere is just another example that they cannot live here. Everything they believe in is not compatible with our laws or Constitution or Bill of Rights.

   When Farook came back from Saudi Arabia with a wife from two terrorists  countries; Saudi Arabia and Pakistan it should have set off alarms at customs and questioned them about their visit, and Maliks past upbringing. Go to a terrorists country and you can't come back - we are not safe! There needs to punishment, like what is used in Israel - they tear down the family's home. Here we must deport all friends and family - that will be our deterrent. The death penalty is not a deterrent to a muslim. A monster of evil in society!

   Our FBI has under surveillance 150-thousand+ muslim extremists and probably many more, plus the usual bad guys. They don't have the resources to track all of them! It takes 12 FBI agents to keep watch for one 24-hours each day. Do the math: 200,000 X 12 - we are overwhelmed and NOT safe!  

   The Paris attacks just the beginning - I said it years ago - now happened in Belgium. These refugees are ISIS - don't let them come to America - write your congress reps and make your voice heard. I don't trust Ryan or McConnell! Congress must stop Obama! I think the Paris and Brussels attacks just elected Trump President - he will make a stand to stop this liberal think. His stand on illegal border crossers should now include muslims to deport and shut down mosques funded by Saudi Arabia. You can't build a church in Saudi Arabia. We don't want their evil in America! We've taken the don't offend muslims to extremes - well I don't care about not offending muslims. American's can say whatever they want about islam and if muslims don't like it, too bad - leave! America governed by GOD! A Christian nation! "The sons of Allah breed like rats." Oriana Fallaci.

   And we can stop/deport anyone we want! Title 8 US Code 1182 written in 1952 and passed by a democrat-controlled House and Senate, signed by Jimmy Carter, a democrat president. "Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by president. Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for such period he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants or impose on the entry of aliens and restrictions he may deem to be appropriate." In 1979 Carter stopped Iranian immigration and deported over 20-thousand - Fact! You won't hear this from the media, but Trump is Right.

   Let's make America a Christian nation like Armenia did! Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its official religion - about 301AD. We can do the same! And better do it right away! "Blessed is the nation (USA) whose God is the Lord: and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance." - Psalms 12.

   ISIS money flow can be stopped without boots on the ground! The oil must go into pipe lines, ships and that's where it is stopped. Take them by force and bring the oil to the USA to sell. Sanctions on any country that would buy ISIS oil.

   Global warming, climate change (see more below) is non-science. The real threat today is the death of bees and their hives - that's where our efforts and money should be directed to find out why. Bees pollinate about 75% of our food crops. So what would you do without our vital foods? Stuff made in the laboratory?   

   I know all about accounting. So we can't talk about a tax plan until we know all the income and expenses. But a plan I envision will be better for everyone!I want a new tax code. A simple, fair, easy to do form. Throw out (recycle) the old tax books and start fresh. Stop with the numbers game. See more below.

   I started a company at home from scratch that is now in its 42nd successful year! I all know about creating jobs, and started a free health care plan for my first employee. My company was profitable from the first month, to today and into the foreseeable future. So I know about economics and our government finances are a mess and need an immediate cure. Fast! I have always cherished my employees and have always split the profits with them. Proudly, I can say because of my profit sharing, they have been able to purchase a condo or house which they didn't have before. Honesty and integrity has always guided my life.

   What young candidate can come close to these achievements? We cannot continue to elect any more young person's as president! All have been failures starting with: Kennedy - involved us in the misguided Cuban invasion, Viet Nam war - 50-thousand died. Carter - should have bombed Iran and stopped their march to power. Clinton - a disgrace, didn't get Bin Laden when he could have - no retaliation for terror attacks, so we got more, as Bin Laden declared war on the USA in 1996.  Bush - the globalist (member of a secret society, grandfather helped Hitler, made big money) involved us in two wars that we didn't need to fight if he knew history. See more below. Obama - a socialist that had no experience at doing anything and is taking us down the road to destruction. NO more like him! The next president has to change everything the last three presidencies have wroth on us!

   So, how arrogant are the young new GOP candidates to think they should be president - no life experience or wisdom of age? We must not repeat histories mistakes... Again! We need an older and wiser person as a president. Minimum age for president 60! Stop saying "friends," and "allies" - we have none!

   Muslims and their useful liberal pawns are behind the removing of Christian symbols from schools, state and federal lands. They want Christianity out of the public domain, and indoctrinate islam into our schools. Take a stand for Christmas - let stores know where you stand - do not buy from those who would not say or display: Merry Christmas. So far... it's a federal holiday!

   Many Muslims are given high security clearance by Obama, others have mental problems, liars, spies and criminals. This lax in security at high government levels puts us in grave danger, and must be stopped!  I can't wait for Trump to clean house in 2017!

   Refugees are fleeing countries we destroyed and now have no life there or security. By fleeing, you would think their Islamic life a failure and denounce it. Our globalists approach to depose foreign leaders our presidents disliked has turned Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Libya into a catastrophe! Now Russia is coming to the aid of Syria's Assad when we should have learned from the past and helped Assad find out who the ISIS and rebels were and killed them - we learned nothing from deposing Mossadeq, Mubarak, Hussein or Gaddhafi? and left those countries a mess. Obama couldn't call Assad and worked out a plan? He can call other terrorists. How can any country vet all these refugees to be sure they are not terrorists - big example: Paris 11-13-15. In photos, all the men (no women) look young, healthy and should be able to fight on their own soil against ISIS, or maybe they are ISIS.. We have already taken in 20-million from south of the border, let's not take in any from the middle east, especially muslims. Assimilation doesn't work and later generations (your children) will be severely affected. This is not a humanitarian problem but a major security problem. Don't let Europe's big pending disaster come here! Young people must get involved in government and save your future from those who are stealing it. Muslim women who went to fight in Iraq and Syria are mistreated/killed and now " hate it" No equal rights, in these countries!

   Have you ever heard the term, "Bacha Bazi?" (Google it) It means playing sex with young boys - child rape, sexual pleasure or the dancing  boys of Afghanistan  by powerful Afghan military. Obama, UN, world leaders are silent on this. Remember Sgt. Charles Martland? He punched an Afghan officer he caught having sex with a young boy! Obama had him discharged for doing that. How have we gotten so low/uncaring? I would re-instate him at a higher rank! Also a young Marine for having a Christian saying on her typewriter - should be promoted!

   On the 14th, 9-ll Anniversary we still don't have the final answers. One thing is clear America or Israel did not help bring down the Towers!  It was Saudi pilots that crashed our planes into the Towers. There is a report (18 pages classified secret) that tell of Saudi implications right up to the king with financing. Where else would these low-level terrorists get the hundreds of thousands of dollars to take jet plane flying lessons and live in the USA? The CIA knew about these people, but did not tell the FBI who could have arrested them - no cooperation! And Bush enabling royal family members get out of the United Sates without interrogating them? Then there is the TV news of Detroit muslims out in the streets cheering the planes crashing twin towers - quickly taken down. There is so much deceit, cover-up, lying, bribing  and treason for some, you wonder (know) that America is going down the wrong path. Come-on people, wake up!

   We have no leaders in the USA who dares to question the imperialistic policies that have led our country into one military nightmare after another. Coups that have left many nations a total disaster - going back decades! In Eisenhower's farewell speech he rightly warned: "Unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex." The use of our military in pursuit of global engineering ventures not truly in the interests of America. The main stream media would demonize  this as "isolationist." Well, it's not! Yes, we must have a strong military (more so now than ever) but not to go out and start wars. And as history has shown us: "It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it." - Douglas MacArthur. More below.

   Voter fraud must be stopped! Without honesty, any election will be a joke!  Our country will be like any other third world nation. There must be very strong penalties for voting fraud. In many places, there were more votes cast than registered residents. And voting in more than one state. Liberal California will now let illegal's vote. Must show identity to vote.

   During WWII, Mufti, Al-Husseni worked with the Nazi SS to kill Jews, and his work and teaching you can still see today in the Middle Eastern countries, like the PLO. He was named head of a commando unit by Hitler and there are photos of them together. Hitler's book Mein Kampf  is one of the biggest sellers in Arab countries. So killing Christians and Jews is always front and center.

   ISIS has killed 125,000 Christians in Iraq without any outrage by America's leaders or clergyy, destroyed a 1400 year old church. Tens of thousands of Christians have fled to Kurdistan for safety, which is why we should give the Kurds every piece of military equipment they need to fight ISIS and kill them! Forget what Turkey says, they are not our friends! Let's help the Christians in Iran.

   There are about 2-million criminal illegal's at large in the USA. Crime's of staggering proportions - a government cover-up! They all need to be deported. Can we ever have a truthful govenment? Now, 6,000 drug convicted criminals being let out of jail! More than ever your life is in danger. Buy more guns!

   We have a severe elder abuse problem in America! Unscrupulous, vile people are taking advantage of our senior citizens to the tune of 3-30 Billion per year according to Consumer Reports, November 2015. Some have lost everything to these scammers. So many are hurt financially, mentally and physically. The FBI must investigate and arrest. Send a message: Life in prison! Take care of our seniors! We owe them so much for what they have accomplished for us!


   Buy American-made goods and create jobs here, not in China, and most Americans believe American made goods are the best. Look at the labels - if it says Made in China, don't buy it - send a message to stores! To all American businesses, I challenge you to put the American flag on all your packaging with the words: Made In America (but only if it is 100% USA) like I do. My sales have increased. Let's get together on this! Be proud!

   I Love America! No other candidate except Trump has stated this. Everyone needs to think of what America has provided for them - more than every country in the world regardless of economic standing. "We have every right to dream heroic dreams. Those who say that we're in a time when there are no heroes, they just don't know where to look." - Ronald Reagan.  "Be not ashamed of what America has accomplished! And we should want to make the world a better place, because only America can." - Bill Neumann. We should help the poor in their own country, not bring in one million immigrants or refugees per year and keep our poor, poor. 

   You always hear Social Security is running out of money! But you never hear that food stamps or welfare is running out of money? We can cut benefits, medical care and pay for our military, but not benefits to illegal's?

   In 1963 JFK, speaking about an immigration law, said, "It will not upset the ethnic mix of our country."  Well, that thought was trashed! 59 million since and more coming, shoving us further as a minority in our own country. 60-million immigrants speak native tongue - not assimilating! - Muslims will never! Like following Europe - Eurabia. 

   Ben Carson was right when he said he would rush the Oregon shooter. I agree, "rush the shooter' - if you are not moving you'll be dead. This shooter could have been so startled that he could not shoot effectively and lives could have been saved. Look back to 9-ll when one of the planes passengers rushed the hi-jacker's. It didn't turn out well, but could have. With 10-20 good men rushing the hi-jacker's the day could have turned out far different for the other three planes. He also said that he would not vote for a muslim for president. Well, I would not either! It would spell the end of America! As far back as 1895 President Grover Cleveland condemned islam as evil. "Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide... for the good or evil side." - James Russell Lowell. Well, now is the time to make a stand for good... No islam in America!

   Veterans Day? The schools were closed, so what were the kids doing? Nothing worthwhile! All schools should have been in class to teach the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and talk about the millions of our military who gave their lives (and still do) to make this country what it is today, safe and free! That would honor veterans!


ALL LIVES MATTER! Instead of disruptive protests, these protesters should go to black neighborhoods to protest black kids dropping out of school, gang violence, murder, drugs and get them to work hard to make something of themselves. Their situation was not handed to them by heredity, but expanded on during years of bad upbringing and stamped with some kind of label - this is who I am! "Only in America do you have endless possibilities to succeed if you work hard" - Bill Neumann. Know that we are ALL God's children and use His thoughts to get out of the stereotype of thought that is not true! "There is always in each individual the best he/she is capable of thinking and doing!" - Bill Neumann. When we trust God, we have assurance that something even greater awaits us. Worked for me! BLM is a racist organization only out to start riots and bring down the rule of law.


●ABORTION! A black mark on our society! It must stop now! The killing of millions of unborn is a sin against God who created us in the beginning. It's a barbaric practice that can't be condoned by any right thinking person. Life begins at conception, and although you can't see the babe it doesn't make it less palatable to murder it. We must come together and stand up for the speechless unborn. It is not the governments job to decide the issue, it is YOU! Planned Parenthood is a charade, a chop shop - a way for people to be duped into thinking that all is well in what they say/do. Taxpayers dollars must not be used for Planned Parenthood or other like-minded organizations! If some liberal's want it, let them pay for it! The unborn has a Right to Life, Liberty and Happiness. Our path is less difficult when we set our high goals before our thoughts, than counting our footsteps in endeavoring to reach it. And we must stop FGM! Pass a law! Many want to adopt children and unwanted babies are a great source - no more foreign adoptions.


● MARRIAGE! Marriage is between a man and a woman! Exactly the way God made us. The Supreme Court cannot change this fact! And our Father Mother God made us in His image and likeness - perfect. In this respect, we need to flourish and replenish His earth. Two men or two women cannot do this. Liberals are taking God and Christ out of society and we will regret it. Now they want to ban the words "husband and wife." The word "gay" has been distorted by a few who live in a fantasy world. I don't care what you do behind closed doors, but don't shove your behavior in our faces.


● WATER! We are in a drought in California (CA) and in other south western states. True, we are not getting any rain, but that is NOT the cause of no water! The cause in manmade! All this could be averted by building reservoirs to hold the rain water we do get, and build pipelines from our northern rivers to fill them. Tens of thousands of new jobs to build the pipe lines and infrastructure. Millions of gallons of water is rushing into the Pacific ocean every second -- we don't need any more water there! The last dam in CA was built in the early sixties. Since then, the population of CA had more than doubled - where is the intelligence to make up for the needed extra water? CA officials are Stupid! Building a reservoir is not destroying scenic land. Actually, it is a beautifying place for trees and greenery to grow where there was fire-hazard scrub-brush before. It is also a place for animals to live and feed. Governor Brown, conservationists, environmentalists and the EPA are misguided in the way to providing needed water to people, farms and wild life. The proposed fines and high tiered water pricing for water use is illegal and hurts every household's budget! Impossible just to conserve water to get out of a drought! About 900,000+ acres are not planted for lack of irrigation - a multi-billion dollar industry dead - lost income for farmers, lost jobs and higher prices at food stores all across America!


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● TRUTH convulses the world! And Truth has been trashed in America by the liberal/socialists/communists, the media, the Obama administration and Clinton! Regardless of political party, we must demand the Truth! There is always some evil or corruption in the world, but there must always be a rallying for the Truth!

● The great experiment is over, we now have the answer, and it has been a great disaster! You elected and re-elected a radical young person with no experience at doing anything to be President of the United States! Obama's first seven years have been a failure! What is in store for us now? Time will tell, but I don't think it will be good. The Iran deal is just one bad example! And Kerry has family ties to Iran. “We cannot stand so corrupt a government for any great length of time.” – Theodore Roosevelt. Let's not have another big disaster. The last three presidencies have been a failure, and so would Hilary Clinton! "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" - Henry Ford. Exactly! Let's start again now with someone new - a Citizen president, like Trump not a politician before it's too late!

We must stop expansion of government regulating private industry, and deconstructing the Constitution, to be replaced by Globalism and the UN - a system fully dependent on global threats (most false) to justify its existence - it wants global governance ! We cannot allow this to happen to our Republic! Our Constitution is simple enough for everyone to understand and should be taught in every school and college - throughly!

Come 2016, vote all the liberal socialist out – they are destroying the Constitution, which is America. Only vote for TRUE Conservatives, and career small business people. NO lawyers or politicians or too young people with no experience, like Cruz, Rubio (amnesty, puppets of big money ) - can you imagine them (Obama couldn't)  standing up to Putin or Jinping and negotiating or making any great decisions? And every one of the president’s cabinet is a liberal socialists who are undermining America. Obama even has extreme muslim brotherhood advisors and appointees to high-level jobs in the White House  – doing what? And Jeb Bush, like his grandfather and brother a One World Order, Globalists and Common Core (CC) devote who recently worked for big Wall Street firms making millions and has close ties to Mexico's elite - glad he is out! Regardless of party, we must be governed by the Constitution! But right now socialists democrats and conservative GOP imposters who infest the GOP are deconstructing our Constitution.

Where there is “Change,” there is Danger – just where we are now. The Plan: To overwhelm the system with wasteful government spending, bail-outs, welfare, Obamacare, redistribution of wealth (communism) , making those who get the benefits slaves to the system. Billions of dollars that we can't afford are wasted! "Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." – Thomas Jefferson. "To be worthy of help from others, is to do something for yourself." and "We are all capable of more than we do." - Bill Neumann. The GOP Imposters in congress today knowingly allows democrats to succeed when they could be stopped!

Make tax reform for everyone including businesses, and business owners the lowest in the world. Bring manufacturing jobs back to America that have been chased out of the country by the liberals in Washington and many states. China is killing us! History tells us that low taxes stimulate the economy! But everyone needs to pay something – nothing is free! A minimum tax for everyone must be $500.00 so that they know what it takes to run the government. ●Stop double-taxing dividends at the corporate level and give the money to the stockholders – they know how better to spend their money! And lower the corporate tax rate (now highest in the world) to 10% and bring a Trillion+ over-seas dollars back to America to be taxed and spent here! Wow! ...What a stimulation to our economy that would be!

NO more big business or bank bail-outs! AIG, GM, Chrysler and Wall Street were big loses for taxpayers! And I don’t want to: bail you out of a mortgage or student loan (you went to college, you should know about paying your debts or maybe they don't teach simple stuff anymore), or buy you a house, car, low energy appliances, solar panels, or health care – you want it, you buy it! Work hard, get an extra job like I did – be responsible! Save for your future. No one else can/should do it for you. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.” - Abraham Lincoln.

 “Climate change/global warming?” NONSCIENCE! Scientist can’t agree, but this IS certain: Glaciers are growing, and over the centuries we have had changes in the climate. Earth is just a speck in the infinite universe at exactly the correct spot – about 93-million miles from the sun. God created the heavens and earth and put us exactly here. Except for a few percentages either way – closer/farther and earth would not exist – we would either burn up or freeze. The sun is not exactly the same temperature all the time, and our orbit around the sun can and does change slightly from time-to-time – thus climate change and our four seasons. In my tenth grade biology class they said people and things give off carbon dioxide (C02), trees/plants take in this vital compound and give off oxygen. So let’s not spend money to change the system God created! It has worked perfectly since He created our Universe! Gods ideas multiply and replenish the earth. The theory of the universe is Spiritual Development. "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." -- Albert Einstein. •Recently, Weather Channel co-founder, John Coleman said: "Climate change is not true, big business promotes global warming because they make money on this farce." And Patrick Moore, Co-founder of Green Peace says "We're still in an ice age, there will always be changes." So, let's not waste money here for a few zealots ambitions.

● We can do better to clean our planet – if you can’t drink it or eat it, don’t throw it in our streams, oceans or landfills. Every package must be made of recyclable material. Let’s get out and clean-up our towns, cities, and our Southwest desert that has been trampled by millions of illegal's and strewn with trash. Where are the environmentalist on this destruction of our country, plants and animals? I haven’t heard a word! Have you? The 1964 Wilderness Act defined Wilderness as: “An area where the earth and community of life as untrammeled by man.” Enforce it!  Aren’t there fines for littering? Fine illegal border crossers and use their money to clean up our south west. Send the bills to Mexico, along with the medical bills that we have to pay for.

● America is a Christian nation – 79% - so let's declare it! Christian-Judea principles founded this nation, and this is clearly documented by our founding fathers. God is mentioned four times in the Declaration of Independence. It’s essential to know the Bible and apply its timeless truths! We must return to our Christian roots. At one time, Congress printed a Bible to be used in all schools, and Sunday services in the Capital building starting on 2-14-1800 – need to bring it all back! The Nazis replaced Christian symbols with pagan symbols to do away with Christianity, is this where we are headed? Just replace Nazi with Islam and you have the same result. Wisdom, intuition and common sense are needed to move us from clueless to clarity. And President Obama, muslims did NOT…”contribute to America.” Quite the opposite, they want to destroy it! And Islam has NOT been …”a part of American history.” Islamist are taking advantage of our Constitution to change America! Speak up for Prayers before meetings, school, games and our troops going into action. And say GOD loudly in our Pledge of Allegiance!  Love God, because God Loves you! The assault on God, Christ and Christianity in our every-day life must be stopped! Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Mormons, Evangelicals and all other Christian religions need to stand up and be heard loud and clear! The void of God and Christ in our society and government has been filled by satin and his socialists pawns. Your pulpits are silent on this! Where is the GOP and Christian clergy? It has lost its way and purpose! Not a word denouncing the islamist killing of Christians and Jews! We must hold those nations from where they come accountable. I would retaliate with sanctions and all other actions, even militarily. "Our government rests upon religion. It is from that source that we derive our reference for Truth and Justice, for Equality and Liberty, and the Rights of mankind."  and..."Take God out of government and it would not survive Christ in all things historic to survival." -- Calvin Coolidge. It's a biblical obligation to oppose evil. Christian pastors need to speak up for God in our every-day lives and in government! You must speak up even if you lose your tax exemption! With prayer, all human problems can be solved!

Truth and Integrity in Government... can it ever happen?

● There are many nations that we call our allies… “We should see them only to a reasonable degree, but on experience, no nation can be trusted farther than it is bound by its interests.” This means today, we have no real allies! Pay close attention to that statement! Examples: China, Russia, France, Germany, Italy and many others, all nations that we have helped have not helped us! China – fought to expel the Japanese, now spying, hacking  and fought against us in Korea, still a big threat! Russia – allied with them to defeat the Nazis, then had to confront their communist takeover in Europe, stole our atomic secrets during the Manhattan Project starting in 1942, still the “Evil Empire,” more spying, still a big threat! France – fought against us at beginning of WWII, collaborated with the Nazi’s. Italy – fought against us in WWII, was part of German war machine. Saudi Arabia – oil embargo, over-priced oil, 9-11 terrorist, shariah law, Christian persecution, no human rights, funding terrorist and funding mosques world-wide - 2200 in the USA, Islam indoctrination in America's schools must be stopped! Really, what did we get in return for all we did – money spent, lives lost, aggravation, spying, ALL voting against us in the UN - too many more to list. Russia, Iran and China are very aggressive/dangerous in the world. If they don't stop, we will no longer do business with them - a crushing blow to their economy. That will get their attention!

● Our socialist leaders and GOP Impostors are taking America down the wrong road with global engineering. A lesson in history: We should not have gone into Iraq, and I said so when Bush was first talking about it! I think I even wrote him a letter to stay out. Our intelligence was wrong, his operational planning terrible. Brenner sent home 350,000 Iraqi military with their guns. A big mistake! And look where we are now in Iraq! The country could be lost to ISIS. Many years ago, we helped Iraq in their war with Iran. We should have given them more aid to win, and stopped Iran's nuclear production decades ago. A Bush failure and a waste of lives and money! We now live in a very perilous time! You cannot run/win ANY war from Washington (examples: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Korea and Vietnam)! Every Senator and Congressman who voted for the war and even those who did not, owe our military complete support! And supply our military with the latest super weapons. I am so disappointed in the countries that we (the American tax payers) have helped for over sixty years that have not helped us. We sent a three million strong military force to liberate Europe my brother included. 500,000 American soldiers were killed. Then rebuilt it with the Marshall Plan, and fought the cold war. They (European Nations and many others) owe America a debt that can never be repaid. France, Germany, England, Italy should each send 35,000 of their military and billions of dollars to take over in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq to eliminate ISIS! The world always leaves it up to America to do all the work, and bare  all the expense. Libya, Syria, Egypt -   Obama backed the wrong side! And on 9-11-12 we were repaid by killing our ambassador, three others, and burning down our consulate. Get out, don’t replace the consulate! No matter who wins in these Arab wars, there will always be 80% muslims hating/killing American infidels. It’s a no-win, mind our own business and put the effort and money into taking care of American’s. We spent ten years training Iraqi's military and when the fighting started, they all ran away - left Billions of dollars of American equipment for ISIS.

● Former President Eisenhower, the master of war and diplomacy, speaking in his time  about Congress wanting him to take military action in Iraq said, “The U.S. has no business transforming itself into an occupying power in a seething Arab world and if we should ever do so, I am sure we would regret it.” Exactly! He knew about the nefarious Arabs. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. He was also opposed to wars with endless insurgencies and need for long-term occupation as well as guerilla wars in which no decisive victory is possible – right where we are now in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan! Obama said missions were accomplished: Hussein and BinLaden dead! But now, instead of the evil ideology of Islamic muslims fixation on tribes murdering each other - Sunni fighting Shiite and other sects, they have filled the void Bush and Obama left and have come together as ISIS to kill all peace-loving people. Even Abraham Lincoln was against foreign intervention or helping arm rebels. Ike also faced up to the border problem and rounded up and deported all illegal's – it's outrageous to expect taxpayers to pay for free education, medical care and many other public services to law-breakers at the rate of over 200-Billion a year! I will send the bills to Mexico. Washington needs to follow the laws already on the books! No "comprehensive" policy! The word means surrender. NO amnesty again!


● Citizens of America, wake up immediately to the fact there are millions of muslim terrorists who want to kill you! You see them on TV cutting heads off, burning/drowning persons in a cage, mass killings of 21 Christian Egyptians, 147 Christian school girls in Kenya, the brutal treatment  of all girls and women - forced marriage, used, trapped and sold as sex slaves all under the watchful eye of the West - where are the so-called (silent) world leaders? And many more, chanting “Kill Americans, Death to America, burning our flag, we're coming to get you!” This must be our government’s major concern, and not be taken lightly by anyone! We must unite as a nation as never before. America is a different place after 9-11-01. And even before that, if you look back at world terrorism events against America – Iran hostages, marine barracks (several), embassies (many), World Trade Center (twice), the Cole, and many, many more. We took no aggressive action against the perpetrators or the nations from which they came, so killing American’s will continue. In fact, let’s go back about 220-years; President Washington formed a navy to protect America’s coast line, and commerce from “predatory Islamic pirates” in the Mediterranean. Why are we still having trouble with pirates? In 1909 we stopped giving the death penalty for piracy – need to bring it back! Fourteen years after 9-11-01 our borders are NOT secure – you think this would have been done immediately! Too bad what other nations/UN think. Not just illegal immigration, but Islamic terrorists are crossing our northern and southern border at-will. Not if they will strike, but when? Their objective is to bring down America from within with sharia law and Islamic indoctrination in our schools! A big security threat and Saudi Arabia is helping them! I've run out of tolerance and political correctness! It must stop!

● Our borders MUST be sealed now! And people who travel to terrorists nations to help or fight cannot come back to America. We know why you went there, and now you can’t be trusted!  I would take away their passports and citizenship! Then this latest terror strike by Abdulazeez on our recruiting station would not have happened! Don't let this happen again! Side arms for all our military at all times.

● I want to deputize 30,000 regular military troops and put them on our northern and southern borders so we would NOT need signs on New Mexico soil saying: “Danger – Public Warning – travel NOT recommended.” or “Travel Caution – smuggling and illegal immigration may be encountered in this area.” “Do not pick up hitch hikers.” How many more Americans have to die? You can’t control the border with dribs and drabs – do it overwhelmingly! I can solve the problems! Also, double the size of the Coast Guard to patrol and supervise all waters of our coastline and ports. Priority: It’s a must to stop all terrorists, drug and human smuggling and illegal entry. Utilize new high-tech scanners and highly trained personnel to check all cars, trucks and containers coming into the country looking for human cargo, guns, drugs, explosives, biological and nuclear material. That’s when American’s will feel safer! We can guard the South Korean border (60+years), why not ours? South Korea is a rich nation, they can pay to guard their own borders. Time for US troops to come home and guard our borders!

● Employers must uphold the law by E-verifying documents. Dry up illegal jobs, and hire Americans. Stop the 500-Billion cash economy – no taxes collected! Even Cesar Chavez our top Latino farm organizer was against illegal and unlimited immigration, and denounced the failure of government to enforce immigration rules, but big business for cheap labor won. The greedy few. Chavez even lead vigilante patrols along the border.                

● City, state, federal officials, Congress, judges, military and law enforcement cannot choose which laws they will and will not obey! Uphold all our Laws! You all took an oath to obey every word of the Constitution! And that goes for the 545 verses we the people – 100 senators, 435 congress, 1 president and 9 justices. NO exceptions! We the people demand it!

● What happened to our Melting Pot? Muslim's will never assimilate! Islam and the Constitution cannot co-exist! They want their own laws (sharia) and customs (honor killings, brutalizing women and children) that are not compatible with America - no more muslim immigration! Deport them! Other nations have, why not us? Why did you come here if your former country was so good? Don't try to change America! You must change to stay in America! All illegal entrants must go back home, get in line and then apply for legal entry as all other immigrants have before, and obey all the rules (take a health examination, have a job, speak English and have a sponsor to pay for your expenses - not taxpayers) through immigration ports like Ellis Island. If you have come to love America and want to be a citizen, it is the only honest and honorable thing to do. Then, come back with your talents and abilities to make the American way of life even greater... just like those who came before! "We welcome every honest immigrant no mater from what country he comes, provided only that he leaves off his former nationality” – Theodore Roosevelt. 
Many Mexicans are not assimilating either and you can see that by their actions and language, even though they have been here for many years.

All people who are here illegally and who have been convicted of a crime and have served their prison sentence must be deported immediately! And if you come back; ten years in prison. As soon as anyone is arrested, even for a traffic stop (could have stopped several 9-11 terrorist), status must be determined and they are held for deportation. We have enough home-grown criminals, we don’t need more! No more crime-ridden sanctuary cities! Illegally crossing our border should be a felony! I would make Mexico responsible to control their side of the border. And everyone who has overstayed their Visa gets one week to depart, or face arrest, fined $100,000 and deported.


● We must not be re-active, but highly pro-active, using everything we can to go after Islamic terrorists, and kill them wherever they are – stop them from carrying out their evil plans. Plans they are working 24/7 to kill Americans. It does not matter if you are Republican, Democrat, race, creed, color or anything else! Islamic terrorists want all American’s enslaved or dead! We must remember that our Father/Mother God is Love and cannot entertain racial hatred or murder bombers. These terrorists involve a malpractice of religious/ideology and worship that takes God’s name in vain and violates God's Ten Commandments and every moral rule to suit their own destructive end. Don’t believe the fairy tale – you are NOT going to heaven with a bunch of virgins – quite the opposite!   Regardless of your religion, or no religion, what’s wrong with being a good person and following the Ten Commandments? "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - Christ Jesus - John 8:32. "The further a society drifts from Truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell. You can trace the hatred of Truth for centuries, especially now by liberals, socialist and the media!


● Have swift military trials for terrorists and punish them. Keep Guantanamo open! We do not want terrorist on U.S. soil! I don't know why anyone would want to close Guantanamo, we spent millions to build it. Terrorist need to be locked up in a cell 24/7. I would not release any more prisoners back to home country – it hasn’t worked – they went back to killing! That's a fact! And a stupid decision to release five prisoner's  for one army deserter. And now three Cuban criminals for one American. We didn't even get convicted American criminals back - some are escaped murders - we gained nothing! But lost everything! Obama?

Foreign documents, except for passports cannot be used for any form of identification. The federal government must issue an identification card for every visitor. Social Security Cards cannot be used for identification; they were originally issued (by Congress) only for a retirement account accounting – between the worker and the SSA. Not for any other reason! Easy access to Social Security numbers is an open invitation to identity theft. Do not give your social security number to anyone!

Gangs are also terrorists. ALL citizens and those living here illegally are terrorized – they cannot walk in safety outside their own homes because of  gang shootings. And even homes are not safe from bullets - stray bullets have killed kids/people inside a supposedly safe home.


● First-class health care for all veterans! They are NOT getting the help they need! Another Obama VA scandal! I would fire all the VA managers right up to the top. And they can't even build a VA hospital - another scandal – and vets abandoned in the hospital without care! Our vets need health care and homes, and we must provide for them and anything else they need to be happy and prevent suicides!

● Greatly expand and build up our military into Special Forces units for rapid deployment – special projects and covert operations like the Israeli Mossad – say two to100-man units that can go anywhere, and do anything. Our planning is out-dated and on the defense, when we should be on the offence!  Initiate shorter deployments – not two or three or more deployments. Take strain off families. I support military prayers! Get the lawyers off the battle field. Allow our military to carry guns at all times. We had 41 nuclear subs, now down to 12? Our military is at its lowest point. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force. Obama has put us in grave danger! Good commanders have been dismissed. What's going on?

● Bring home our American military from around the world to protect our country. We can save hundreds of billions of our tax dollars by closing many military bases overseas. We are guarding borders all over the world. If we can do that, we can guard our own borders and citizens – America comes first! We cannot and should not be policemen to the world. War mongers in our government (McCain, Graham) always want to take us into another conflict. Let's take a new approach to enforcing rules and standards but not trying to remake failed societies. Every person and every nation must make their own salvation. Stop the “nation building” – it doesn’t work, and a waste of our time/money! Democracy is a wonderful way of life, and we should encourage it throughout the world, but we cannot make a country embrace it.

● No more Billions in foreign aid!  Nations need to look after themselves and not be dependent on America. Uncle Sam needs to stop playing Santa Clause to the world. Foreign nations are acting with weak appeasement and hesitant diplomacy just as they did before WWII. The Paris attacks are just one example.


● Insure that our Homeland Security Department (HSD) and security plans are working with the utmost cooperation and efficiency – FBI, CIA, ICE, and NSA – According to the 911 commission report, they are not! Example: The CIA did not alert the FBI about the 9-ll hijacker's, when they could have stopped them. Just like I thought, but I will appoint the best to these critical positions.

• Background checks going back 25-years or more for all immigrant applications. Investigating their life in school, home, jobs and be sure they want to come here to be an American, and abide by American laws, traditions and customs – no special accommodations! America is a special place – don’t bring your old home-country with you. If we can't do background checks, no immigration!


● Many states have concealed gun carry laws. If you have been issued a permit, then that permit should be honored in every state!

● NO shariah law here! If you want it, get out of America! No more muslim immigration. Stop it cold now or there will be major problems in the future. Maybe sectarian war? Is that why Obama and UN want to take away our guns? See what is happening in Europe. The Constitution is used here! And NO foreign laws or the UN governing America! Common sense needs to be restored to our laws. We must appoint/elect the best no-nonsense, conservative judges who will enforce the laws, not make them as they are now with their own thoughts and feelings – social engineering. And laws MUST be written very simply so that everyone can understand, a few hundred words – not thousands of pages! “It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is today, can guess what it will be tomorrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?” – James Madison. Like Obamacare?

● 25-years in prison for all first-time child sex offenders, life for second offence. The same for Hackers and Identity theft crimes– hurts millions of American’s – billions in theft.    

● We have never had a Secretary of Transportation who knew anything about the job! We cannot tolerate 35-thousand people (5,000 Teens, 10% distracted) killed on our roads each year. The heartbreak and costs are unimaginable. A DUI death must be 25-years to life in prison, multiple deaths in a single accident, life in prison. Driver’s licensing age must be changed to 18. I would ask race drivers that tour our country every week to spend an hour at a local high school and give a talk on driver safety - don't drink, text or take drugs and drive. It would be very popular with teens to hear about racing experiences interwoven with driving instruction - by pro's. They would enthusiastically come to listen and learn. Silicon Valley cars can be directed to go somewhere but may not be safe - not like an alert driver who may be able to avoid and accident.

● The “War on Drugs” has been a failure because we are weak! Stupid people are voting to make illegal drugs legal – we have a federal law against this – enforce it! Making something legal doesn't make it moral! Marijuana is not a simple, get high, pain killer, and they have found a way to make it a super drug. It destroys the brain. Do not legalize it! Drug smugglers and those who make illegal drugs in America get the death penalty. Distribution: Life in prison. Just stop and think of the costs to society for illegal drug use in America; the pain and death of hundreds of thousands, and the pain of family members and loved ones who have suffered because of an addict or family death - 44,000 each year. STOP 200-billion dollars of drugs entering the country every year from Canada, Mexico and ports of entry! Putting the military on the border will stop drug smuggling and distribution cold! What’s wrong with that? Politicians – stand up and protect American citizens! That is what you were elected for! You know what to do, why don’t you do it? And our government is a big failure in not eradicating the 7.6 Billion poppy crop in Afghanistan.

● Stop the anchor baby mill – coming here just to have a baby to gain access to America. It's now a big criminal enterprise to bring people here just before birth and gain citizenship! Now over 300 thousand. Their birth card must read: INFORMATIONAL ONLY, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT. And when the kid reaches 21 they can bring all family members with them - millions! The Founding Fathers or the Fourteenth Amendment (which congress can change to stop anchor baby citizenship) could not foresee this rush of people, nor intend for people here illegally or for a non-citizen from a foreign country to have citizenship for their child – two illegal acts does not make a legal act! This can leave America open to admit tens-of-millions of people, and in a time of conflict, they would have to be permitted to all come at once. We would be overwhelmed!

● Cap lawsuit awards. Just cost of care and replacement, no pain and suffering or punitive damages.We are all paying very high insurance premiums for a greedy few. No need to make instant millionaires. Use the British Rule – each side pays own court costs – stops frivolous law suits and legal extortion – looser pays!


● All small businesses must be able to retain earnings until money is withdrawn in salary or dividends without any tax liability. Retained earnings gives small businesses the cash to expand, hire personnel, buy machinery, buy or build a bigger building without going into debt. Small business is the backbone of America; it creates the most new jobs, employs the most people, and pays the most taxes. Yet it gets the least attention of government. It needs the utmost encouragement to grow and bolster the middle class, which is slowly disappearing in America – we can't let that happen! • I can help young people to create businesses –  I know how… I’ve been there, done that! The company I started from an idea in my garage is now in its 42nd successful year. Bill will support your American dream and business efforts!

Immediate 100% write-off for all machinery, equipment, research and development projects as well as trademarks, copyright, patent costs and repairs. And speed to approval in weeks instead of years with low/no fees. Get businesses going and growing!

A lower tax rate for small business owners when money is withdrawn. No double taxation on dividends. Stop the death tax! Small business cannot survive to the next generation! Allow larger retirement funds to be put aside tax free for small business owners - that will inspire them to grow.

Reform the Small Business Administration into a cooperative for buying health, life, liability, auto, and workman’s compensation insurance for small companies. With these savings, all small businesses can afford health insurance for all their employees. Even if we have to eliminate all state and federal corporate taxes, and the business owner’s personal taxes, it is better to keep a company here with full employment than to export the jobs overseas. There are 27.5 million small businesses (“SBA 2009”) in America. If we all get together, we can make a difference in government policy/laws. I hope we're not too late!

● We have a technology and manufacturing gap! We develop the technology but then export the manufacturing jobs to China, who then steals it and sells it back to us. This must stop and provide the jobs here! And China demanding a meeting with the heads of Apple, Microsoft, Boeing and others! Open a manufacturing plant in China, or you can't sell your products there? China ripping off our country again! And Boeing wanting to actually make aircraft parts there, and they may be unsafe. More jobs lost! I would stop this transfer of technology and wealth.


● Almost everything in America runs on oil and its derivative: gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and thousands of chemicals found in everything from plastics to household items. While many items will still need to come from petroleum, alternate fuels can be developed (by private industry), but not at the expense of our food supply or with subsidies. Wheat and corn must be in sufficient supply so we will not have shortages and increased costs (like we have now) at the grocery store at the expense of alternate fuels. Also, it takes about four gallons of water to make one gallon of ethanol – we can't waste water like that! We must have a federal law that prohibits converting agricultural land for another purpose, otherwise we will have to import our food and in the future we will be held hostage as we are with oil – very high prices and contaminated/poor quality! Stop ethanol use in gasoline! It is destroying engines and their fuel delivery systems. Big expense for consumers.

We have our own oil, coal and natural gas resources here in America – more than all the Arab countries put together – enough to last 2,000-years! God blessed us with our oil/gas resources because He knew we would need them! We cannot allow a few environmentalists and liberals to stop oil exploration, drilling and building new refineries. Wind and solar power is not even 1% of what is required for home and industry. Drill now! Build the Alaska and Canada (Keystone) pipelines and others – put 250,000 people to work now! And add a Trillion+ dollars into the economy! A drastic shortage will affect every American, not only in the pocketbook but getting basic food and services delivered. At some point, everything is delivered by truck! Why do we continually give our money to dictators and unfriendly terrorists countries throughout the world? - money to help kill us? I will not buy another drop of oil from a foreign country! Canada and Mexico excepted. We must be self-sufficient! And we can with our vast reserve of oil and gas. We could have one dollar a gallon gas! What’s wrong with that? Nothing! Better yet, we could have been using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for decades. But the automotive and transportation industry needs to get together for a solution.

 ● I would call for a summit of all vehicle manufacturers to cooperate and lay out a plan that everyone agrees to follow for the future. An alternate fuel (which ever best fuel(s) are agreed to) cars would be built and the fueling stations built to accommodate them - it would reduce costs! Just converting all trucks and busses to run on CNG would cut oil use by 2-3 Million barrels a day! We should not subsidize any kind of car – if it was a good idea, private industry would build it on their own. Stop with the “green” nonsense! Any savings from electric cars is more than offset by emissions from mining the materials, its transportation, manufacturing and recycling. And save the consumer a lot of money spent on buying gasoline by making one grade all year long for the entire country. Did you know that about 3,000 car companies have gone out of business since the first cars were built? No bail-outs or subsidies – consumers pick the winners!

● Ask your elected official if he/she will vote for oil drilling. If not, vote them out of office. This is not a party position; it’s your way of life in the balance! We need to drill and build pipelines immediately, 24/7. The ridiculous price of oil is/was over $100.00 per barrel - down now, so don't become complaisant! Regardless of a new fuel, hundreds of millions of vehicles will still need to use gasoline/diesel and jet fuel for many decades to come. The disgrace is; all the Arab countries that we have helped for years: Saudi Arabia (protection), Kuwait (fought a war to expel Iraq), and Iraqi freedom (lives and money) we should have been paid back with low prices. Let’s break the oil cartel by selling our extra American oil cheaper! When we had the high gas prices back in 1975, I found that to pump a barrel of oil cost only 25-cents. How much more could it cost today? 1, 2, 5-dollars? Remember the cost is just drilling and pumping, our God supply of oil is free. The refining, exploration and drilling is tax deductable. We formed the Department of Energy (DE) in 1977 to solve the oil problem. Now, 38-years later we still have not fixed the problems! The DE can be eliminated!

● We all need to conserve energy! Plan and make fewer errands – it’s easy if you think about it to cut back at least 15% on driving. Federal, state and city governments should lead by example in conservation efforts, and save by cutting non-essential trips – eliminating meetings out of town, out of state, out of country. The post office doesn’t need to deliver mail on Saturday. Or save even more by delivering mail only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday like we did during WWII – it was no problem! With less driving this would be a big saving in gas/diesel, oil changes, maintenance, and tires. Since its founding in 1775, the USPS and its policies are a failure – no more bailouts! Always a money loser. Let a private company take it over and run it?

● Put an end to foreign aid! Over 50-Billion this year. Why can’t we just say, Uncle Sam is broke! Which is the truth! - nineteen Trillion+ in the hole and climbing. Sorry, no more foreign aid! Almost every nation  gets something. Hundreds of billions of our tax dollars have been wasted over the years. Our tax money has been stolen, projects never built, food never delivered to those in need, and regimes that we have supported have turned against us. We have done more for every country in the world and have nothing to show for it. How about a word of thanks? This is money that we should spend in America to better American lives – roads, rail road safety (13,200 derailments 2005-2014 + 1,450 collisions), and bridges, lets synchronize traffic lights to speed traffic and reduce emissions, underground power lines to prevent fires and outages during storms (we go through this every year), infrastructure of all kinds, and get out of debt! This will benefit all of us with a better way of life and create tens of thousands of good-paying, middle-class jobs! Right here in America! No outsourcing! The federal gas tax collected on each gallon of gas must go into a Lock Box - only to be spent on roads and bridges - not to be robbed for other purposes! And get out of the International Monetary Fund, and the Import/Export bank – a USA/UN bureaucracy to enforce its policies we have no say in, and our tax money is wasted there too! Big business can finance their own foreign sales.

● Fair trade, not Free trade! Why does America always gets the short end! NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT all part of globalist plans and not good for us. Foreign countries are closed to us, but we are open to everyone. What’s the matter with our negotiators? They are the worst! We never get a good deal! Let's get some good ones right away! We cannot bring in foreign workers under the H-1B visa or other programs to staff big, hi-tech companies while highly qualified Americans are unemployed. They must hire our young people (we have lots of computer whiz kids), help them, and employ Americans first! How about it, Microsoft, HP, Apple and all you other high-tech companies? Hire a savvy young whiz kid! They will work harder than a college grad or foreigner!

● Every sale of an American company to a foreign entity needs to be looked at to see if there is a security or safety concern (Clinton and our Uranium going to Russia) and (spying, China and other countries buying American companies to gain our technology)  or loss of American jobs. Smithfield farm, our biggest hog producer sold to China. Why? Quick profits for a greedy few? Why not just sell them the meat? Think raised here, processed in China. Chinese food safety is non-existent! Read the labels carefully, if it doesn't say Made in America - don't buy it!

● We cannot afford to lose any more jobs! And we need to do whatever it takes to bring manufacturing back to America – tax cuts, no taxes, incentives. We used to make everything! Locate or relocate manufacturing jobs to poor areas of America to improve their way of life. Middle-class America is disappearing because we have lost so many manufacturing jobs to China. Innovation and manufacturing go hand-in-hand. You can't have one without the other! We have the talent but we need the factories to produce. We must get a lot tougher on companies/nations that allow the manufacture/sale and importation of counterfeit goods, especially automotive parts, which can cause serious injury because of a failure. Counterfeit goods mean lost profits for American companies and jobs because parts are not made here. The Newt Gingrich bogus free trade bills are exporting jobs out of America! When we lose manufacturing, we lose the middle class! I condemn Ford for building a new factory in Mexico! It should have been built here in mid-America where it could have benefited many for middle-class jobs.

Our car manufacturing industry: I have the solutions to streamline the industry and get rid of the old "business as usual."  Thousands of like parts can be made here that can be used by Ford, GM and Fiat/Chrysler instead of out-sourcing. Consumer Reports (July 2015) states that a high of only 75% USA content are used by American car manufacturers.  Even the Wall Street Journal (June 30, 2015 "Fiat Boss Cruises for Tie-up" points to the fact that car companies need to work together. Let's start a parts company for this and create thousands of new jobs here! Maybe call it Consolidated Car Manufacturing and get 100% content made here! Compromise must come from everyone! Detroit was always the engine of America in time of peace (fun cars) and in war, the... “Arsenal of Democracy.” Let’s rev up the “Heart Beat” of the USA. Put Americans to work. Build all our cars and car parts in America. I know we can! JFK tasked NASA to land an astronaut on the moon within a decade - and we did it! Our aerospace companies teamed up to do the job and assembled 3-million parts and 700,000 components.


● We need to have a balanced budget, and eliminate our debt! Stop borrowing and printing money only to leave future generations to pay for our current extravagances. Our runaway spending has led our country into extremely dangerous territory. Soon we will not be able to even repay interest on the debt! Then what? We cannot allow foreign investment to buy up our debt. This is false economy and a take-over of our banking! Washington is broken and is in need of an immediate overhaul. Stop the tax and spend crowd! You work hard for your money (forget your party), don’t you care how Washington is spending it? Come on young people, take back your country; don’t let your 19+Trillion in debts KILL your future! And it will if not stopped! This is a Big catastrophe waiting to happen for everyone!  Add to that, five Trillion mortgage and credit card debt. We are being duped by our Federal Reserve! Who is going to lend us more? Crash coming! An I.O.U.S.A. card will not buy you anything at the grocery store.

● Social Security: If as they say SS will go broke at a certain time in the future, then this is the fault of LBJ and democrats who have robbed our bank and completely distorted the original program of President Roosevelt. I know the SS is a socialists program, but it is a safety net for those who would not save for retirement. Read the original program. A few of the highlights: All money would go into a Lock Box Trust Fund, but was diverted to the General Fund for political spending. Annuity payments would never be taxed – now taxed! SS deductions were tax deductible – no more. SS money goes to high-cost social programs and persons here illegally, and anyone who turned 65 and never paid a dime into SS receives monthly checks! STOP IT! It’s our money! Reform and putting SS back on track is just getting back to FDR’s original concept. And the Social Security Administration must notify the FBI of any fraudulent use of a SS card and the user prosecuted to the full extent of the law. SS must be reformed so that it is not looted by dishonesty! That’s reform! If the SS fund was not looted, today it would have several trillion dollars put away for you, and instead of $1,000 per month, you would get $10,000 per month or More! And if you are over 66 and still need to work, your SS income is still taxed. Let's end the SS tax after the age of 66! Seniors like myself have earned the right after all the years worked. "The welfare of our country is the great object to which our cares and efforts ought to be directed." -- George Washington. And seniors that sell their house after 66, no capital gains or sales tax! The money must be available for a grand senior retirement home, or tax-free money to their children. "Unless bureaucracy is constantly resisted it breaks down representative government and overwhelms democracy... it sets up the pretense of having authority over everybody and being responsible to nobody." -- Calvin Coolidge. Exactly!

● United Nations: As we have seen over-and-over again, the UN is totally ineffective, corrupt – including its leader, Ban Ki-moon – he needs to go! It cannot carry out its own resolutions, and is a waste of our tax dollars – the USA pays a disproportionate sum (25%) compared to all other nations to fund the UN. This must end, NOW! And the UN totally reformed with less, but effective, honest personnel and salaries/expenses drastically cut. The UN is loaded with spies masquerading as diplomats - it should be located in another country? The UN wants UN laws to be our laws. Never! No “world order” here (Bush clan) to make America like a third-world country. That’s what Obama’s socialist administration wants to do. They already have plans… Look up “Agenda 21” the UN’s right to control private property – your property! Take away your guns, raise your children, control our environment, and emissions. And now a UN Sustainable Goals program that we know nothing about, but Obama has pledge support.  And he wants to be the next UN president.

● Pharmaceutical companies are selling disease with fancy ads on television and radio. Routine life makes healthy people feel they’re sick. Medical professionals have also called for an end to this advertising. Need and decision-making must be at the doctor’s office. Hit mute or change stations, and let your station know what you are doing. According to a report, over 100,000 people die every year using FDA approved drugs. Think health, not sickness.

● Stop dual citizenship. Put two feet in the country you love! As the world revolves, America is the Gold Ring to grasp. Come here to assimilate in culture and values and be an American first for no other reason! Leave your old country behind. Not the governments job to integrate/instruct immigrants. Learn about America history. Pledge Allegiance to our country and flag which stands for Liberty, Principle and Justice – one Nation under one God. Sing the National Anthem and God Bless America. English must be our official language – that's what binds our country together. It's very disturbing that 20% speak another language at home. If that's what you want, then leave. I don't want to hear you yelling "discrimination, racists." Every government paper must only be printed in English - would save billions in printing and paper costs and save millions of trees! America IS an exceptional place, and found nowhere else on this earth! In the course of human events, religion and morality are the foundations of our government, we must follow the wisdom of our Founding Fathers! Only in God can we trust!

We need to stop all immigration (like we did in the 1920’s to make assimilation work) until we have a plan to really investigate who is coming here and why - we live in a perilous time now. And be sure they are coming to be an American. And then limit the numbers coming each year to maybe 100,000, not one Million! Three hundred+ million is enough! You, the American citizen is being left out of the immigration debate! Liberal Washington politicians are making decisions for you even though 79% oppose illegal immigration, and unlimited immigration. But you will have to pay the price with much higher taxes for overpopulation with serious problems of food and water shortages, air pollution, schools, hospitals, traffic, housing, jails, healthcare, police and fire protection. And don’t forget the infrastructure: water, fuel, roads, electricity, and many other city and state services. With over 20+ million Americans out of work, stop ALL immigration until every American is back at work! The flood of immigrants are taking away jobs. Just because large immigration was good in the early years, doesn't mean it's good now! Over four Million on legal wait-list, but we still want to take in more illegal's?

● Every President since Eisenhower has abdicated their oath of office by not securing our borders. We cannot give amnesty to anyone entering America illegally. Former republican president Reagan did that, and he said we would do it “One time.” All the Democrats and GOP voted for it! You have all since failed us! What don’t people who still talk of amnesty fail understand the basic word… ONE? Do it again, and we will have the same or worse problems in another ten years. Let's get together on this! Illegal's and terrorists are streaming over the border - another 9-11 attack in the making? Why wasn't the fence completed? We paid for it years ago! Money stolen again? Let the Sea Bees build the fence - they'll get it done in no time and less cost.

● I can see very easily on how to cut 800+ Billion or more right now without taking anything away from the poor, seniors or military, and every year until the debt is ZERO! Another 500-hundred Billion+ every year is just in waste and fraud.

● One of the biggest problems in Washington is the hiring and appointments to critical positions with friends, incompetents, drug users, criminals, radicals, muslim brotherhood, satisfying political favors and big money contributors even though they are incompetent and tax cheats – we have seen this time-and-time again. America needs and we MUST demand that these important positions are filled by America’s best!

● American’s have a terrible record of getting out and voting! If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about your elected officials, and the direction they are taking our country. "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato. Right where we have been for decades! Trouble is we have no clear, real leaders/statesmen to vote for. We are always voting for the best of the worst - the lesser of two evils. And it’s all about personal power/money - buying the Presidency, and not about you! When Harry Truman left office, he was offered many high paying jobs, and he said "No!" to all of them. "You don't want me, and the presidency is not for sale." What about that Mr. Clinton and your $500,000 speeches, and millions to your foundation? Is it too much to seek a Citizen Patriot for a president who can also set the best example? Someone that your family can look up to who exudes honesty, integrity and speaks the Truth? A person who has never been divorced, never been drunk, never taken drugs, and never smoked? What about a father, grandfather a great grandfather who has lived his Christian life loving God and country and set the same example for his children? Someone who has learned life’s lessons, learned from history’s mistakes, and gained wisdom with age? Who will put America first – that’s who I’m looking for! ●This image fits Bill Neumann and millions of other good American’s exactly! We all need to speak up loudly!



● George Washington fought for our independence, built our nation where there was none before - a success not equaled by any other person or nation in history! Can you imagine how difficult it was for the Founding Fathers to write the Constitution without any history/example to guide them, except God? Only rule they knew was the right of kings. But America is now in jeopardy by liberal socialists and GOP conservative imposters.  Years later, Abraham Lincoln said; "My dream is a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth." What is happening to Washington's and Lincoln's dream? They should see America now as our socialists take us down the road to destruction! Millions have died to protect the Constitution! Let not their lives be lost in vain!


● We can't keep borrowing and printing worthless paper money to cover up the crisis! What if nations stop lending? Congress must act NOW! You must understand that the Dollar is the world’s currency – goods are bought and sold using the Dollar-value. This was established at an international conference in 1944 at Bretton Woods, NH that fixed global exchange rates pegging them to the Dollar, then backed by gold. Now we're off the gold standard and printing worthless paper money - going on for the last fifty years! Suppose the paper dollar would no longer be accepted? It's only a promise that it's good for purchases. Other nations (like China, Russia) and the IMF want to change that. If that happens our economy will crumble, and that’s what our enemies and Washington's socialists/communists want – a new “world order” – promoted by all three Bush's  and now Obama, and Hillary Clinton - United Nations (dominated by a bureaucracy, not elected officials) in charge of your life and money – and additional UN taxes on your earnings! Then add in their proposed climate change laws. All higher prices for you and destroying America from within, including Islamist in our government,  and teachings in our schools – an evil ideology taking advantage of our free speech and masquerading as a religion!  


● Suck-it-up…Eliminate the debt. Then start saving for the future – saving account for natural disasters – floods, tornados, earthquakes. Help American’s! We need a Constitutional Amendment that requires a balanced budget! No borrowing except in an emergency – no exceptions!


● Are you better off now than you were seven years ago? With higher fuel, electric, water, food prices (affects everything you buy), inflation, unemployment, economic uncertainty, safety, banking problems, foreclosure, higher taxes, upset that the taxes you do pay are wasted? We need a  Citizen President that will stand up for you! Someone in the pocket of liberal  billionaires will not! Ever! Some politicians are tyrants in waiting and seek power in name of problem solving.


You are being totally ignored by the President! And the multi-millionaires in the Senate/Congress don’t care about you. Let’s put an end to their lavish retirement, health care, perks and start term limits - two terms. It is an honor to serve your country, then, go home – in your own car! Like Harry Truman did - no Secret Service, and no lavish retirement - let's get back to basics.

● Values that made America that we are proud of are being trashed, and our high standard of living that no other country has is going down.

● Our Constitution is being circumvented by Obama, his czars and with executive orders – Congress is now irrelevant! Demand every president/Congressman to follow the Constitution! Not hard to do, only four pages.

● Say NO to Hilary Clinton along with First Man, Bill and their nefarious endeavors! She flew all over the world in a lavish lifestyle - accomplished nothing! Just raised money for their Foundation! A total failure as secretary of state, and will be worse as president! Remember: Chinagate, Filegate, Travelgate, Russian "Reset button?" "What difference does it make?" "We left the White House very poor." Except for what they stole!

● Tax the oil companies? No! Increase supplies and the cost come down! But our oil must stay in the USA for our use - the extra we can sell to reduce the debt. Environmentalists prevent drilling to keep oil price high and push electric cars.



I think we have a serious problem with our economy! Obama may raise the national debt to 22-Tillion before he leaves office. This debt is just papering over our problems. Why would other nations keep loaning us money? We can't pay it back! So what will they want in return? America? A house of cards that someday will come crashing down. I don't know when, but these problems need to be solved, NOW! Your government is helping  by keeping you in the dark and covering up the inevitable bad ending.  

Bill Neumann can solve America’s problems! I'm a senior, I know first-hand about the Great Depression from my parents, a teen during WWII, adult during Korean and Viet Nam wars. I know all the mistakes that were made by Washington and the military. I have lived it and will not repeat past mistakes! I am blessed with lots of experience and wisdom of age. "It is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect" -- Psalms 18:32 Most of the 2016 candidates are too young to know what to do, will repeat past mistakes, and the presidency is NOT a learning-on-the-job position. And most are GOP Imposters. Knowing the nuts and bolts of work have defined the great leaders. “I predict future happiness for all Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – Thomas Jefferson. Why aren't you listening? President? Congress? People?

Follow the Constitution! “The two indispensable supports for political prosperity are religion and morality” – George Washington. Liberals trash God and Christ and we wonder why the country is going to hell. The world would drastically change if we do not follow our Constitution  and Bill of Rights. Other countries look to our values. America is the shining star! Shariah law, foreign laws, or courts or the UN cannot be allowed usurp our Constitution, or come to America!

● Bring jobs back to America with incentives! Encourage new entrepreneurs to invent or produce a product/service that people want. Lift the barriers/regulations that inhibit the market place. Follow what you Love to do and you will be successful! Buy American! Because all the products you buy from China funds their navy, army, space programs, spying, hacking  and more. Economic freedom and earned success is the most fair concept of all. Our system of hard work is valued and rewarded - millions of examples.

● Reduce the size of government by eliminating the FHA, FHLB, NLRB, DE, EPA, DOE, OSHA, BLM, FRB (controlling US financial policy - who are the members?), CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), promoting disarmament and destruction of U.S. sovereignty! Fire the czars and the incompetent from top-to-bottom. The little czars are running wild, making their own new rules - laws not authorized by Congress. Unemployment is down only because Obama has hired civilian labor to perform jobs that active military use to do - even to guard the gates of military installations.

● No more money for: Foreign Aid, IMF, UN, NPR, NATO, World Bank or nation-building. Shutdown Fannie and Freddie, both bankrupt, bailed out by taxpayers – sell the property, STOP the bonuses, reduce or shutdown many federal departments and programs – stop the waste! And that includes the Federal Finance Bank. Their purpose has expired.  

● Stop Iran! The greatest danger in the Middle East. Iran cannot get an A-bomb! They will use it against Israel, USA or others?  ALL nations in Iran’s area are in danger and must come together on their own (without our military but with our leadership) and confront Iran to avert a great catastrophe! And any war with Israel would be a great catastrophe! It would spread everywhere in the Middle East - result,WWIII? Are you under the delusion that all nations want peace/democracy and live like we do?  

● The Constitution and Bill of Rights are our only laws! They created a “More Perfect Union” – shariah law would take it all away! Recently an American  judge used shariah law. Some food companies using shariah halal food processing – it's not safe or FDA approved! And a few banks starting to offer shariah compliant funding, including taxpayer bailout company AIG – take your money out!  

● Unite the country! No class war-fair – rich against poor, young against old, non Christians against Christians, left against right, workers against non-workers, black against white. Obama, Holder, Rev Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Black Panthers and others have set civil rights back to Civil War days.  

● Peoples choices, not Government mandates! Take responsibility for yourself/family in what you eat and drink – not your governments job!

● Stop the Job-killing actions of the EPA and OSHA! Regulations are hurting business from Main Street to Wall Street, and costing over 100-Billion a year. ●Allow full-time high school teens to work after school at a low/no wage as an intern without restrictions, and let them acquire much needed business knowledge.

● Where is the Best Health Care in the World? Answer: America! Where kings, queens, presidents, bad guys and the wealthy come for their care! Keep it that way! We won’t be able to afford Obama care or sustain it. Nor afford the 16,000 IRS Health Care Police to enforce the laws - a big threat to our civil rights. Institute real health care reforms from lessons learned! The Swiss have always used our competitive medical system, and just rejected (by peoples vote) a government run system. We the people should also be able to vote on such laws.

● Stand up for the Christians and Jews in the world! No one talks about their beatings, robbery, rape, murders, and burning bibles, churches, synagogues  and houses every day. Remember the WWII death camps? Martha Gellhorn writing in Collier's wrote: "If we ever again tolerate such cruelty, we have no right to peace." Washington and the world is silent on Christian and Jewish atrocities.  Recently two girls; a 16-yearold and a 10-year old were suicide murders who killed

dozens - parents want them to do this! They should have been brought up to be beautiful young, educated girls and have a wonderful life! Throw off your head scarf's and burqa's, get out of domination! On a 60-minutes interview with a father of two young sons ages 5 and 10 is training them to be suicide bombers. And young kids in military garb training, chanting; "We will sacrifice our lives for the sake of Allah." Jesus loved little children because of their innocence - will it never end?

● Only small business can create the number of jobs (“65% net new jobs in past 17-years” – SBA) to bring down unemployment. I moved to California with thirty six cents in my pocket, so I know how and I will give everyone else the chance to grow and succeed! I care about you and everyone on Main Street. The millionaire’s can take care of themselves. Young people, take a look at my book: YOU CAN DO IT!In a Job or Your Own Business Make Your Life a Success©. Written just for you to be successful! Available from Amazon or e-book. My motto in life has always been: “Whatever it takes!” And I will do that for you America! I have been successful in everything I have ever done!

“Hope and change” did NOT work! I like to use encourage, inspire, invent, build, achieve to make America better with a brighter future. Government does NOT create jobs! We do! Government get out of our lives!

● Everyone has a right to work in America! God made man free to go anywhere, live anywhere and work anywhere – no federal, state or labor union in America can take it away! Let's put government contracts out for everyone to bid.

● Let’s not elect any more lawyers or politicians! They really haven’t worked out well!  •We need an uncontaminated Citizen president! Not spoiled by Washington politics, ego or influenced erroneously. The Constitution first!

● My wife and I are proud of America, and everything that has been accomplished since its founding! Look at where we are today; pony express to smart phones, horse and buggy to driverless cars, earth-bound to mars-bound. Her father and mother emigrated from Italy (thru Ellis Island, had a sponsor to take care of them - no Government help!), why now? Her dad fought in WWI - a proud American (was a life member of VFW and Grand Marshal of their home-town Memorial Day parade), my brother, brother-in-law and uncles all fought for your liberty in WWII. Speak about America’s positives! My great, great grandparents came from Germany in the early 1800’s – pioneers of the West.

● I advocate for more job-training schools to inspire young people to find out what they would Love to do in life. “Formal education has usually come after the fact of invention – seldom the other way around! Imagination’s power is essential to any young person’s future success” – Al Beck. The great inventors and business people like myself were not college educated, like: Harry Truman, Henry Ford, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Mary Kay Ash, John D. Rockefeller, Steven Spielberg, William Lear and many others - all successful - our mind's were not infected or contaminated with liberal socialism/communism lies.  Do not borrow your education and start off life with tens-of-thousands of dollars in debt. Don’t waste four years, get out and do what you Love! Schools need to teach the Constitution, honesty, ethics, morality, American history, English, values, exceptionalism and hard work – not sex education or Saudi muslim indoctrination. Want better teachers? End tenure, seniority and hire at will to get/keep the best! American colleges are hostile to our heritage. Liberal teachers out number conservatives 6-1, and do not allow for inquiry or debate. Or fail!

Americanitis... is a tendency to have things done for you rather than doing them yourself. “Necessity is the mother of all invention.” – Albert Einstein. What liberals call "Our poor" have things people in other countries only dream about.

● I am not out to impress you with big words, nor eloquent speaking – just the simple Truth!

● Audit the treasury. What's in Ft. Knox? Raise interest rates for savers. This has been a big loss of income for millions of Senior's who saved and relied on interest income at retirement.

● Raise interest rates to encourage savings and give to those seniors who saved for their futures. When banks have money, they can lend.

● Keep our military strong – NO cuts to our security! NOT NOW! One of the first things to do is look at our armament factories and military bases to be sure our military is getting the latest and best equipment! Rebuild our military - it keeps us safe and free! The military should be armed at all timess - on and off base.

● Increase USDA inspectors to protect our food supply. Food inspection is at an all-time low.

● Cap and Trade is a stupid idea! Don’t even talk about it.



● The so-called Iran deal is a NO deal.You are just kicking the bomb down the road to completion! Arabs lie to get what they want. Arab problem: we failed to change the course of history since Carter. There were many chances to bring down Iran, but we were weak! When you don't know about the past, you can't solve the future!

● This new proposed Student Success Act and CC is just a re-write of the old and stupid Bush No Child Left Behind Act that we wasted lots of money on with no results.

● Another killing in San Francisco of young Kate Steinle, and several years ago a father and two sons murdered in broad daylight - all by illegal immigrants - they have committed thousands of other murders. Should never have happened if our laws were enforced. Stop sanctuary cities and withhold federal funds until they comply with the law! No more loss of life, because it was all preventable! City leaders should be held responsible!

● Mexico is a very corrupt nation. How could El Chapo get out of prison without very high friends helping build a sophisticated  tunnel with money and equipment. A lot of dirt had to be excavated right up to his toilet - exactly right there.

● Something to ponder: NSA spying; "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin.

● What's with all the hacking? Our records are NOT safe. We must have people who can secure our computer information. Hacking can cripple our nation.

● Terrorist attack in TX, CA and TN is the tip of the iceberg. He was under the surveillance for many years, using up valuable FBI resources when he should have been deported! And that goes for all the other jihadist in/prevent coming to America!

● It is our duty to preserve the conditions of freedom, not only for ourselves but those yet to be born. Only those willing to bear the burdens of freedom have a right to its rewards. "A leaders ear must ring with the voices of the people." - Woodrow Wilson. Why aren't you listening; President, Congress? - Failures!

●JFK invoked the Monroe Doctrine during the Cuban crisis - prohibition against foreign power influence in Latin America. Recently, John Kerry said, "The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over." I didn't know that? Is that why he is letting Russia and Iran move in to establish bases in several South American countries? Kerry is a pawn and a danger to America! Kerry is a complete failure! Close ties to Iran!

"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society." -- Hilary Clinton. And... "Society's needs come before the individuals needs." -- Adolph Hitler. Something to ponder - sounds the same to me!

● We must have a Right-to-Work rule in America. And the government cannot make someone do a job that they do not want to do, whatever the reason! Business owners need protection for their religious or any other beliefs or just don't want to do a job.

Obama AOL in Paris march with other world leaders? "I will stand with the muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction" - President Barak Hussein Obama from Dreams of my father, Page 261. Look out Israel, he is helping the winds to shift. And they are shifting in the middle east with brutal killings. Obama also AOL at the 100-year genocide remembrance.

● ISIS: There Must be a world-wide over-whelming response to wiping out them out once and for all! America needs to take action now with aggressive bombing campaign - hopefully with some help from England, France, Germany and others.  Are you with us or against us? Say it! One way or the other! Now! We need to rally them as they won't do anything on their own!

Face it! We are at war with Islam! Like it or not! And we have been in it for decades now. Say it! All the terrorists groups fight under and in the name of Islam - that's their flag, motto and battle cry to kill Christians and Jews.

● The attack on the Israeli embassy in Egypt, British embassy in Iran and American consulate on 9/11/12 is an ominous sign of things to come. This grave situation was caused by Obama in his remarks in Cairo telling Israel to go back to pre-war borders, and wanting to get along – appeasement does not work with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and Hamas want the Islamic state of Africa. Watch this play out, the  new peace talks will not go anywhere! The “Arab Spring” is a nightmare. Trouble is brewing with shariah law, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Americanism and more terrorism coming to America! What about ISIS' war on women? Control, brutal dress codes, forced to marry, used/traded/sold as sex slaves. No comment from our government? Others?

● No tax refund if you don’t pay taxes, along with 4.5-billion going to illegal aliens with fraudulent returns. And 7.6-Billion given away to pay-down personal mortgages or student debt. What happened to responsibility?

● I will not, nor should you allow for waste, dishonesty, corruption or political correctness at any level of government or from the boardroom to the border!

● Be careful what you wish for when rebels want to take over a government. We didn’t know who the rebels were, but now we do – Egypt elected 75% of extreme Islamist in their new government – the “muslim brotherhood.” Obama backed them - wrong again! Thankfully (for a time) the new military now in power will fight the muslim brotherhood, and kill al Qaeda.

● Who is holding back our border agents from doing their job? Obama?

● Clerics, muslim brotherhood, ISIS and al Qaeda could whip up Arabs to invade Israel.  Could they also bring down Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia? Not unthinkable the way things are going in the region! Two recent bombing in Saudi Arabia and more to come. Islamic Jihad is on! The USA and Israel are the big targets. Muslim belief (islam) is a religious delusion. A savage ideology! 

● Look at Europe, don’t let their way come here – hasn’t worked, and they said so! “I  declare to you, from the bottom of my heart, that no socialist system can be established without a political police” – Winston Churchill. Armored personnel carriers and military equipment should NOT be given to police departments! Start of police state? Take them back!

● Everything for American’s is possible with vision, ingenuity, American can-do spirit, and old fashion hard work! When man is governed by God, all things are possible. Think of these things if you are unemployed. God has a place for you! "Let not your heart be troubled." -- John 14.

● Catholic’s unite against Obama (wants to destroy the church) with his birth control law, and then weasel out by making others pay. Muslim’s are exempt from the government mandate, but Christian’s are not?

● Pare down your stock holdings – market is now way over-priced. And if your bank won’t pay you 3% on your savings, take it out in protest. Safer at home.

● Let’s look to the undiscovered deep oceans for the next big discovery in: power, medicine, and plants – less dangerous and less expensive. We know more about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the ocean.

● Say NO to an Internet Tax! “Power to tax is power to destroy” – Chief Justice John Marshall. Exactly!

● Why does the IMF need 5,000 employees? World Bank 10,000 employees? Both corrupt, wasting your money, spreads poverty, takes away free enterprise. Close them up!

● Have you heard the word, “Progressivism?” changes the Constitution to suite what is happening today. Change the Constitution and Constitution lost! Obama and his czars make Congress and the Constitution irrelevant. And they want to change America with treaties like: LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty), to give up our rights to off-shore oil drilling, and pay half of royalties to other nations, including giving our technology for free. ISA (International Seabed Authority), your money to terrorist’s nations. The UN arms treaty: no more gun sales, confiscate guns – gun control is people control. The Senate must not ratify these treaties. If it does, we are bound to obey them by law – our courts cannot change them. There goes “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

● We can never afford Obamacare! The costs are to high. The bill should have contained very big savings by being able to buy insurance from any company, and tort reform – (the British Rule, losers pay) taxpayers screwed again! If we get another chance, be sure these are the two main rules.

● The Supreme Court is playing politics on Obamacare, Roe v. Wade, gay marriage and many other  rulings – nine justices using personal feelings and judgment – undermining the Constitution. They are out of control and running away with our freedoms! What about “Consent of the governed”? When people vote for a new law, it can't be overturned. Demand judges who will faithfully and evenhandedly apply the laws and Constitution as written, regardless of personal feelings.

● So many talk glowingly of Bill and Hilary Clinton – they are bums! I don’t know why we elect people who have no business being president. Disbarred, impeached, foundation scandals, top secret files could be in Chinese or Russian hands? - more to come. At a House judiciary committee hearing, Hilary was fired by her supervisor, Jerry Zeifman. He said, "she was a liar, unethical, dishonest lawyer and conspired to violate the Constitution, rules of the House, committee and confidentiality." Take a look at former FBI agent, Gary Aldrich’s book: Unlimited Access – another eye-opener. The Clinton's hate our military, Capitalism, and have a lot to hide with their foundation! Big foreign money to subvert America!

● The Founders of our Declaration assert that they will obey God over any man and that the rules of the Declaration are found in the “Laws of Nature and of Laws of Nature’s God,” and there is no doubt that the Declaration proposes a government of limited scope.  Our Constitution is the greatest, brightest star in the world! Other nations look up to our high standards. Don't let them go down!

● Vote for a real conservative Congress/Senate /president in 2016. Need to make real, big changes in Washington! The Senate must stop Obama from appointing a Liberal to the Supreme court. If not there goes America as we knew it! The path is clear: socialism, or capitalism. There are those who make things happen, watch things happen and wonder what happened. I make things happen for the better! Where do you fit?

● Real Conservatives must come together and speak more about our Constitution, freedoms and prosperity which is enjoyed by more citizens than in any other country! Liberals and socialists only speak about a few wrongs in America, instead of the enormous good. “Much has been given to us, and so, much will be expected of us; and we must take heed to use aright the gifts entrusted to our care” – Theodore Roosevelt. Exactly!

● Let’s raise our film and literary standards. “Novels, remarkable only for their exaggerated pictures, impossible ideals, and specimens of depravity, fill our young readers with wrong tastes and sentiments. Literary commercialism is lowering the intellectual standards to accommodate the purse and to meet a frivolous demand for amusement instead of for improvement” - Mary Baker Eddy - the greatest woman who ever lived. And in 1971 Film director, Frank Capra wrote: "Practically all the Hollywood film-making of today is stooping to cheap salacious pornography in a crazy bastardization of a great art to compete for the patronage of deviates." What would she/he think today?

● Why is it greed to make money, and not greed to take money? “You can’t help the poor by destroying the rich.” – Abraham Lincoln.

● The Second Amendment: The Founding Fathers knew about countries with kings, tyrannical governments and persecution, so they saw the need for people to have guns if the need ever arose to over-throw a tyrannical government. It's also a protection from invasion - hundreds of millions of guns in the hands of citizens ready to fight. There is nothing in the Second Amendment that prohibits any kind of gun, magazine or number of bullets! "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse , which would include their own government." -- George Washington.  Right where we are now! And no background checks – will only lead to inching up on gun/people control. And who will use the info against American citizens? Think how the Nazis did it. By law you can't take guns away from sick mental people. But family members can! Find their guns and lock them up, so they cannot commit murder. Liberals do not want to hear the Truth. A Harvard University study says: "The more guns a nation has, the less crime."

● The bad economy and all our problems are the fault of Democrats and GOP imposters who help them! No spending cuts, only big tax increases are the problem. Every democrat voted against requiring members and staff to be covered in the AHCA .

● The IRS scandal goes right up to the president! Its power must be torn down – totally against a free nation! And must NOT administer health care!

● “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a presidential candidate for the socialist party. The democrat party has adopted our platform.”-- Norman Thomas. Now true, Norman!

● Public schools, once the power of our economy, now drag the country down, suffocated by local and federal bureaucracy, unions, Common Core (CC), bad parenting and liberal teachers. Big change needed here! 50% of high school grads cannot pass an immigration test, and middle-schooler's can't name the first president! Why? Lily T. Williams was born and raised in China - now an American citizen and she says that our CC is just like the Chinese communists government teachings. See: Lily said; America is the... "Shining city on the hill. I did not come to this country so I could end to be like my parents without rights and control when it comes about the upbringing, education and health care of my children." She grew up under Mao's regime and knows what's going on.

"We American's treat our army like a mangy old dog." - General George C. Marshall. And we still are! Our military tells me that food quality, discipline and training time is down. Base maintenance out for contract - no longer work done by recruits' or money to fix stuff.  War zone civilian help watches and locates targets for mortar and inside attacks. And worst of all, lack of ammo for training! Must turn this around. Take care of our military people! Homosexuals not compatible in the military and women cannot go into combat. In 2014 I did some research to help a wounded vet. I found the manufacturer of the Track Chair and ordered one direct with all the accessories. Then searched for a needy vet and found a young man who lost both legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan - I gave him the chair. Now mobile, he can go anywhere and have fun. Another small business success story.

● Obama is bringing in Arab and Syrian refugees. They need to stay where they are and fight for their freedom. Impossible to vet muslims to be sure they are not terrorist in disguise? And this will only cost us lots more in taxes to support them for everything! As well have the FBI track them? Don't let Europe's problems come here!

● Inconvenient fact: We are victims of too much humanitarianism and too little common sense. I have NO tolerance for corruption, deceit and lies!

● Let's not think sickness can be catching, why not think Health can be catching. God's Love is available to all of us. "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." - Mary Baker Eddy. Please pray for someone when you don't have the strength to help in some other way!

● We must have a law where you have to show proof of  who you are to vote. We cannot have voter fraud - 5-years in prison. Other countries, including Mexico and many other countries have to show ID to vote! It does NOT prevent anyone from voting! Now upheld by the Supreme Court.

● Any American citizen or resident who goes to fight or help terrorists, must lose their citizenship, void their passport and cannot come back to America! Ever! Thousands have left America to fight with ISIS!

● Let's defeat this evil ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, Boko Haram and all the others with a lot of force - a few air strikes will not do it - time to get out the B1's and B52's and wipe out the training camps, villages and anywhere else they may be. There are always casualties in war, and the problems with their evil ideology is that their women will breed and men will teach their children to grow up to be the new terrorists for decades to come.  

● Arab countries are playing a double game. Saying to being our friends, but funding and helping terrorists! As our native Americans would say - "They speak with forked tongue." Need to break-off with these so-called friends.

●After 9-11-01finding that Saudi's flew the planes into the World Trade Center, shouldn't we have bombed Saudi Arabia and not gone into Iraq? Was this just a cover-up to take our eyes off the real offenders? Mr. Bush? He was too cozy with the Saudi king. What don't we know? People have complained about Obama bowing to the Saudi king, but what about Bush holding hands with him as they walk along, and kissing him! Both disgusting! Must end the " Saudi Express" initiated by Bush allowing Saudi's to travel to America freely.

● Let's kick Turkey out of NATO - not our friend or helping us, and funding terrorists! They need to acknowledge their Genocide and pay reparations to all Armenians. Time to cut back our NATO dollars. We started it to bring European countries together to fight communism. Now they should run it on their own. Our funding of 73% versus their 27% does not make sense.

● I am a problem solver! I can do the best for America!

● Why didn't Obama call the president of Mexico and get Tahmooressi out of a Mexican Jail when one phone call would have done it on day one? I will NOT fail our military! I want to pardon our vets - war is hell.

● Obama wants to give 34-million work permits to illegal's. Congress must stop it. His bad ideas can't go forward without Congress -- they need to stand up and shut off funding - then it's a dead deal. • "The time is always ripe to do right."-  Martin Luther King. Black jobs are going to illegal's!

● The rocket attacks in Israel is a disgrace! Israel needs to go in a kill every Hamas, take over the Gaza strip, West Bank, Golan Heights and sustain the new borders. We can't let terrorists continue their evil ways. Cut off aid to Palestine - half our money goes to funding Hamas. Make a new home state for Palestine.

● We must declare war on ISIS, Hamas, Boko Haram and all other terror groups!

● Obama is misleading American's. Twenty two times he said: "I will obey the Constitution, I have an obligation, I am president not king, I can't make up laws by myself, I can't bypass congress, I chose not to act in granting amnesty" and others.

What a liar! He wants to do "amnesty." Against the Constitution thereby eliminating the rights of all America citizens. We cannot have any more presidents like this! Especially Hilary Clinton (who wants to follow Obama plan) - big donations buying presidency.

● Iran is running wild over the US and other nations in reigning in their nuclear program. Bad news for Israel and mid-east nations. Iran just running out the clock as they have for over twenty years to get a weapon. Big sanctions should have been imposed at the start. Clinton, Bush and Obama have set the stage for a world disaster.

● Our nations police are under attack. Racial hatred must be stopped! Obama should have told rioters to go home - do not burn and destroy your town, destroy your jobs and businesses. Protest with your signs peacefully. There would have been no deaths if Brown, Garner, Brinsley, Gray and others were obeying the law. They all had rap-sheets. And what about all the white police offers who were killed by blacks? No outrage, no rioting, no call from Obama to the widows? And no outrage about all the blacks killing blacks in Chicago, Baltimore and other places?

● Look at just happened in Paris and CA because the Obama administration is weak, and pandering to islamist. Playing word games again? Instead of the word Islamic terrorism, it's now "Radical Religious extremist." - John Kerry. And the new one from the WH; "Taliban is only an armed insurgency." "The JV team." Well, the JV it's taking over in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

● Remember the Republican dominated 80th Congress was known as the infamous "Do nothing congress." The GOP is infected with RINO's and Conservative Imposters. They broke ranks and voted for Loretta Lynch for AG. And Ted Cruz didn't even show up for the vote! And won't say if he will vote for Kate's law. "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato. Exactly! Right where we are now. Until the GOP impostors return to the original intent of Americas Constitution it will slide toward national suicide. The God void in America has created a society and government that has been filled by satin and his socialists useful pawns. The GOP must stop the deconstruction of the Constitution - honor your oath; Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution! You have no other job!

● The primary job of the president IS American's safety. That said, we must now win back our greatness and respect among nations. American exceptionalism will prevail! Prosperity will follow!  

● Our career and other events unfold naturally under the guiding hand of infinite Love. Understanding what I have said is not intellectual or the result of scholarly attainments, but Reality and the Truth! Truth will uncover and destroy evil in God's own way, let human justice follow the Divine.

"Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you Love what you are doing, you will be successful" - Albert Schweitzer. Exactly! Just the way it happened for me, and millions of others, but you have to work for it! You climb the ladder, the ladder is not a bed! Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty and holiness. With God, all things are possible!

Stay tuned for more! Or have I said it all…Let me know your thoughts. Do you want to take back America? – give me an honest answer! Leave a comment  or chat:

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Thank you for reading. Now… Let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice, health, holiness and Love be with all American’s! GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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Gareth William, Bill Neumann is a conservative Republican who has lived his entire life as a traditionalist. Bill’s love of God and country are unshakeable.

He is a small businessperson who started a company with an idea, no financing and never thought of failure. The very successful business is now its 42nd year. As a successful entrepreneur, Bill makes decisions every day to guide his company, to be competitive and at the forefront of engineering, quality, new products, and be financially sound.

Bill knows that our government has lost its way, and needs to be brought back to financial soundness and get back to basics in running the country – get the politics and political correctness out! Bill and his wife, Florence have been married for 63 years, have three sons, seven grandchildren, and twelve great grandchildren.

Bill and Florence have never smoked, been drunk, or taken any drugs and have guided their children the same Christian way by setting examples! Isn’t that the kind of example you want our president and leaders to set? Honesty and integrity have always guided the Neumann family.

Bill knows what families are going through these days, and we all need to work to make America better for everyone!

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